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You must currently be enrolled in FMB’s Mobile Banking before you can use the Mobile Deposit feature. 

  • Log onto FMB Mobile Banking App
  • Go to DEPOSITS
  • Choose which account you want the funds to be deposited into
  • Enter the amount of the check you are depositing
  • Capture image of the front of the check
  • Capture image of the back of the endorsed check
    Prior to taking the picture of the back of your check you will need to be sure to do TWO things.  1- Endorse the check with your signature; 2- Under your signature print “FMB MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY”  If you do not have BOTH of these items on the back of your check it will NOT be deposited. 
  • Answer security question (this will be one of the three challenge questions that you set up when you initially enrolled into online banking)
  • Confirm the deposit
  • Notification will pop up saying “Funds will not be available for up to two days” which means that the deposit is not technically available for immediate withdrawal (for example if you deposit the check during the weekend).

    Check deposits will be rejected upon review if:

  • Missing endorsement
  • Endorsement does not include “FOR FMB MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY”
  • Duplicate check (If this check has already been presented to deposit/cash)
  • Poor image quality
  • Amounts do not match
  • Foreign itemsThere is not a notification if the deposit is rejected or failed.  However, you can log into your mobile banking app and go to the DEPOSIT tab and a rejected deposit will show as FAILED.  If you have any additional questions regarding our NEW Mobile Deposit feature or our FMB Online/Mobile banking, please call us at (706) 485-9941 or visit our Online Banking page.
    *Our app is free, but standard rates and fees may apply from your wireless carrier.  Deposits limited to $2,500.00 daily per customer.