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ICBA and FMB Kick Off Community Banking Month
Community banks build better communities

The Independent Community Bankers of America® (ICBA) and FMB will recognize Community Banking Month in April—a month dedicated to celebrating the longstanding tradition of local hometown community banking. Throughout the month, ICBA and FMB will encourage consumers, entrepreneurs, farmers and ranchers to learn more about community banks, their role in building stronger communities and the quality products and services that they provide—all with the relationship banking experience that customers can expect from a local financial institution.

“Community banks are instrumental in building better communities, as they continue to lend to local residents, entrepreneurs and agricultural enterprises—all of which keep America’s rural, suburban and urban communities growing and thriving,” said ICBA Chairman Jack Hartings, president and CEO of The Peoples Bank Co., Coldwater, Ohio. “Community banks exist to serve the needs of their customers and communities, many have been around for decades, and more than 2,500 have been in business for more than 100 years. This time-honored business of community banks is something to be proud and celebrate. ICBA commends community banks for their continued support and advocacy of consumers and Main Street America. ”

Community banks are relationship lenders that flourish when their customers and communities do the same. Taking care of customers and looking out for the best interest of local communities is the community banking business model. Across the nation, community banks operate 52,000 locations, employ 700,000 Americans and hold $3.6 trillion in assets, $2.9 trillion in deposits and $2.4 trillion in loans to consumers, small businesses and the agricultural community.

“Community banks such as FMB are one-of-a-kind, as are our customers and communities which we are proud to serve on a daily basis. Community Banking Month gives us an opportunity to celebrate the unique and critical role we play in our local hometown and to celebrate what makes are community so great…the people,” said Lindsey Rickman, Marketing Director for FMB.

FMB plans to further celebrate Community Banking Month with the following:

*Customer Appreciation Week- April 4th-8th
            *Public Service Recognition Week- April 11th-15th
 *Moola Moola Kids Savings Week- April 18th-22nd
 *Teacher Appreciation Week- April 25th-29th

For more information about FMB or Community Banking Month, please call Lindsey Rickman at (706) 485-9941 or visit FMB’s Facebook page.